Service is great. Employee are friendly. Good vibe! It’s family business not a nation wide corporate company which is a nice change.Thanks, Alicia!

– Doug N – Stanford, CA – As seen on Yelp

Alicia is the best she was just a phone call away at all times! Amazing service went above and beyond to help!

– C Leonard – As seen on Google

Very friendly staff prompt and reliable , I will be calling western site services for all of my parties and job sites . Anything you need they have it , Danny and Alicia are experts at serving your needs and you will not find cleaner portables anywhere . Wish I could give them 6 stars !!!

– Chris F – Santa Rosa, CA – As seen on Yelp

It says 24/7…… And they mean it!!!!! I give them 5 stars. Around 11pm my water line broke and we had no water and no toilets in a house of 2 men and 4 females….. Never thought I’d call and get a very polite lady on the line around 11:30pm on a Sunday night. Needless to say, by 1am there was a nice gentleman at my door with a pink toilet and sink. As shitty of a situation, I didn’t think I’d laugh so hard. Pink toilet for my girls, and they loved it. Even tho it was only here for a couple days, Alicia accommodated my annoying neighbors and came out and serviced the toilet with her little dog to keep my neighbors from complaining. I now recommend this company to all the contractors I work for. To the delivery man, the lady behind the phone and the service driver, THANKS!! You 3 are what we need in this world. Friendly, polite and who answers their phone around midnight? Or delivers a toilet at 1am? Treated like family and I have zero complaints.

– Jason I – San Jose, CA – As seen on Yelp

Spectacular service! We have been using there service for about 6 months now and it is five star from the first phone call to Alicia to the nice clean unit that was actually delivered ON TIME!:). And the weekly maintenance is never missed. (sorry National) We have had a great experience over all. There is a lot to be said about a family business.

– Bob W – San Jose, CA – As seen on Yelp

I use Western Site Services on all of my jobs!! They’re courteous, punctual, and professional.  Alicia is very helpful and accommodating, she listened to my needs and helped me find a great solution at a reasonable price. They know what they’re doing, I’m using these guys on all of my projects.

– Ninous Y – San Jose, CA – As seen on Yelp

I’ve been using them on a few of my projects i’m a girl out on the job site. And girls know how we like clean toilets i love the fact that their portable toilets are new and they always keep them clean.

– Maria S – As seen on Google

Amazing customer service, they were extremely accommodating to my needs. They have the cleanest portable toilets I’ve ever used!! I will be using them again in the future and would recommend them to anyone!

– A G – Capitola, CA – As seen on Yelp

The order and delivery were seamless. Immaculate and so cute in Pink for girls and Teal for boys at our party for 125 people. They do it all with a sense of humor and efficiency. Thank you! Will definitely use you again. Recommend highly.

– Wendy B – Los Gatos, CA – As seen on Yelp

Working in the construction field I have daily use of portable restrooms. Western site service has the cleanest by far. They are prompt in delivery and pick up, cleaned and maintained regularly. Awesome job! Thanks!

– Andrew A – Los Gatos, CA – As seen on Yelp

A long overdue review. Lots of people make jokes about on site porta potties… But they are pretty darn handy if you are holding an event with a lot of people and no indoor plumbing. Look at the reviews for the other companies in this business… Now look at the reviews for THIS one.

We had a large party in an area with few facilities. Every single request we made was handled without issue. Upscale potties which were clean and well maintained were just the tip of the iceberg. Helpful staff… Concise accounting… and everything delivered and hauled away without any grief.

Simply a no-brainer if you need their type of service. Clearly #1 in the #2 business. Thanks so much!

– Walter M – Fremont, CA – As seen on Yelp

I was at a total loss and up to my ears in frustration with my previous service from a very well-known company around here. Until Western, they were the best price so my boss just wanted to stay with them, even though we never had a smooth service. (I’m not exaggerating – I was having to call them because they weren’t servicing us, on average, 2 times a month. We’ve had their service the whole time I’ve been here – 2002.) I had finally had enough and called a friend (another contractor) who said Western is who they use. He sold me as soon as he said it was family- and (partially) female-owned. We were set up with units pretty immediately (we weren’t in a hurry so I’m not exactly sure, but I’d guess within a couple days of meeting with us) and I haven’t had to think about it since. We leave our units chained outside our yard so they can be accessed as early as someone wants to show up. Again, since this isn’t the weekly nightmare I was used to, I relaxed and let it fall off my radar…which led to a couple occasions where Alicia called me to tell me they hadn’t been put out and offered to reschedule the cleaning if I wanted. We weren’t using them so they were clean, but since we’re paying for them, they do keep coming and they keep cleaning them, even if they haven’t been touched.

On a customer-relations note: Every single human I have spoken to there has been super friendly and down-to-earth. I’ve spoken with both Nickie and Alicia and they’re just dolls. Great senses of humor, we bonded over puppies, how do you not fall in love with girls like that? After having spoken casually with Alicia on a courtesy visit one day (she was down the street and just wanted to check in), I got a feel for her as you do when you’re shooting the breeze, and I have a very hard time believing that she told someone to F off unprovoked. But, you know what? If she did, she did. I’ve worked with the general public my entire working life and customers can be awful. I am spoken to in such a way that made my mother tear up when I’ve told her some stories (I don’t tell her work stories anymore), so I’ve had worse things said to me before my first cup of coffee. If Alicia was pushed to her breaking point, I can’t and won’t fault her. People in service-related industries are treated like garbage yet we’re not allowed to stand up for ourselves? Nuts to that, what else ya got?

As long as they’re around, they’ve got my business for life. You folks rock.

– Amanda M – San Jose, CA – As seen on Yelp

I’m a project manager for residential construction. And, as some of you know, site cleanliness and order is critical for safety and sets the tone for the rest of the project. I called Alicia at Western and she met me next day, walked my job and provided toilet, power pole and fencing. They deliver on time, brand new and clean portables. They service like clockwork and follow up immediately if I call. Rare in this business, people you can count on. I highly recommend them.

– Michael L – Vinita, CA – As seen on Yelp

About a year, we had a passing in the family and was holding a gathering of over 100 people. I had to make last minute plannings and calling here, there, almost everywhere……. nothing was coming thru. Until i called Western Sites Services and spoke to Alicia, she was able to make all the arrangements successful. From there, I always know who to call “Western Sites Services”. Thank you Alicia for making it happen! A++++++

– My N – Elk Grove, CA – As seen on Yelp

I am the head grounds keeper at a private members only resort here in Los Gatos and we have not been happy with our service and when I found Western it was like….Why didn’t we connect with ya’ll sooner? Jared and Alisha came out to our property and answered our prayers. Not only the best service the best pricing as well. We signed up for the maintenance program and could not be happier. Thanks Western.

– Johnny F – Pleasant Hill, CA – As seen on Yelp

We needed a porta-potty for several weeks. Western Site Services was very responsive and pleasant to work with. We would definitely use them again.

– Marla Y – Sunnyvale, CA – As seen on Yelp

We used Western Site Services for three months for our workers during construction on my home. We will use them again if ever need be. Alicia was super friendly and worked with me in getting me the best deal for the length of time we needed the porta potties for. Thank you Western Site Services!

– Lovejit K – Santa Clara, CA – As seen on Yelp

I loved renting from them! We had an event with about 100 guests and got a pink and green unit, as well as a sink. They were very clean and stocked with enough toilet paper, paper towels, and seat covers. Plus, the two ladies (I forget their names) are so nice. One gave me one price, but I don’t think wrote it down because someone else quoted me something different when I called back to officially rent the units. But I just let her know and they gave me the price I was originally quoted.

– Karina Michelle Y – San Jose, CA – As seen on Yelp

Alicia goes out of her way to help with anything you need, my experience with Western site was efficient and handled with care!

– Colby L – San Francisco, CA – As seen on Yelp